Update (12/05/2020): Version 1.1.34 has been rolled out of beta and it is now an official update, which you can get from Play Store (non-beta channel). Update (20/04/2020): New version 1.1.33 available: includes bugfixes, related to crashes on some devices.
Update (26/03/2020): Android VPN app preview (v 1.1.29) available.

Following the initial announcement, we are now releasing the preview for the Android VPN client app.


Android VPN app v1.1.34

Important Notes:

  • This version has also been released in the Beta testing channel of Play Store, meaning that you will get it through Android Play Store if you are registered as a beta tester. To register as beta tester, in our app's Play Store page scroll down to find the beta registration option.
  • Installation over the existing official version should work fine. In case of problems, remove that existing VPN client app, install the new one from scratch. Make sure you know what are your VPN credentials (you can view the VPN username and change its password at any time in the Service Details page, in Client Area).
  • There are at least two features that are NOT working and will be solved for the final release (see Known Issues, below)
  • This app is for mobile devices only (Android phones and tablets), not Android TV devices. A new app for Android TV will be released at a later date.


  • seamless connections (BIG improvement: no longer reconnecting when network changes but staying connected all the time).
  • major battery saving since reconnections no longer occurs when switching networks (e.g. Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice-versa). Initial connection and subsequent reconnections were the most power-hungry operations.
  • simplified, modern design and generally improved usability.
  • optimized list of locations to fit more locations vertically.
  • Fixed issues when IP/location weren't properly updated.
  • added "Favorites" tab in locations list.
  • added 'Connection log' to the main tab for easier access.
  • other bug-fixes and improvements.

Known issues:

  • auto connect on-boot is not working, will be fixed in the stable release.
  • (fixed in v1.1.31: a 'Cancel' option appears if no connection is established within 10 seconds) if server is unreachable, connection attempt can't be canceled by tapping on the Connection button. Use the Notifications bar menu > Disconnect if you face such issue to cancel the connection attempt.