Update (26/07/2020): Windows app v4.4 is final and has been officially released.
Update (19/06/2020): Windows app v4.3 released.
Update (29/01/2020): Linux app preview added.

We are pleased to inform you that our VPN client apps for all operating systems and the browser addons are going through a complete redesign process, which is almost completed. A preview is now available for Windows, macOS being next in-line and we expect to release it within a few days (this post will be updated accordingly). Android, iOS apps and the browser addons are expected to be ready in January, 2020.


Windows client app v4.3: full install / portable
Mac client app preview v4.1: full install
Linux client app preview v2.0: beta

Note: Windows installable version installs over the existing installed vpn.ac client, keeping the VPN username and password. The portable version requires to add the VPN user and password to connect.


  • simplified, modern design and generally improved usability
  • optimized list of locations to fit more locations vertically
  • added "Favorites" tab in locations list
  • added a connection time counter in the connection button
  • added option to disable the "latency test"
  • other minor changes related to the list of options

There are just some minor changes that we're going to make for the final releases. Feedback is welcome, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you find any bugs or you have suggestions for improvement.

Known issues:

  • favorite locations are removed after forcing a refresh of locations (the refresh button in the upper-right corner)