Update (15/03/19): beta is live since a few days ago for users with an active account, see the KB article
Update (27/02/19): live implementation has been started, we are confident that it will be ready in a matter of days
Update (10/01/19): backend API and everything server-side related is ready, we're currently doing the final works on the frontend site. These are stages 1 and 2 (see below). ETA for beta release is currently set for February.

What is WireGuard?

WireGuard is a very promising VPN protocol designed with simplicity in mind. It has numerous advantages compared to OpenVPN and IPsec, such as being much faster by benefiting from kernel-space acceleration, it's not as complex as as OpenVPN/IPsec (less code = easier to audit / smaller attack surface), better encryption security-wise, better support for roaming (more reliable on mobile devices, less battery consumption).

For more details, visit wireguard.com

WireGuard support with our service

Since WireGuard project has been launched, we've received numerous inquiries from our users regarding our plans to support WireGuard as an addition to supported connection types.
We've tested it internally for quite a long time, have taken our notes and concluded that supporting it is a must.

To put it simply, we will add support for WireGuard.

When, how?

Initially it will be available in beta. The implementation is a bit challenging, due to WireGuard's design which doesn't make it fit into our infrastructure out of the box.

We want the implementation to be as good and simple as possible from scratch, and entirely automated. This requires quite some work on the back-end side: APIs, servers sync-ing keys and so on. Not as easy as firing up yet another server, but definitely doable.

So this is where we stand now: design and implementation of the back-end.

Once the back-end side will be ready, we'll make it possible to generate configuration files in the Client Area. That will be the easy part.

Next step in beta would be the implementation in our VPN client apps.

At this stage it isn't possible to provide any ETA, but we can reasonably assume that - if all goes well - it will be ready to use within a few weeks.

  • Stage 1: design and deploy the back-end APIs
  • Stage 2: front-end availability of config generator for manual setup / 3rd party client software
  • Stage 3: implementation into our VPN client apps

All necessary development and implementation tasks are internally treated as "high priority", pretty much above anything else that doesn't involve service unavailability.

Further details will be provided once available, please keep an eye on the Roadmap page.

WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.