We just changed the maximum allowed simultanous connections for a single VPN account to 6, from 3 initially for standard accounts - and to 3 from 2 initially for the 1 Week trial accounts. The change is into effect immidiately and applies to all VPN accounts (existing and new).

Why the change?

There are two reasons why we decided to make this account upgrade.

Solving Auth Failed issues on reconnection attempts:

Under certain circumstances usually depending on how the user connects (what software, protocol etc.), the VPN client doesn't send a "clean close" notice to the server, meaning that sudden disconnect/reconnect actions may result in an attempt to by-pass the limit of 3 simultaneous connections allowed per account. The servers would normally notify the auth backends of timeouts in case of unexpected drops of connections, but it takes at least a minute (timeframe to detect that a client disconnected). Therefore, legitimate re-connection attempts might be flagged as attempts to pass the 3-connections threshold per account if they occur too fast(within a minute), resulting in failed login attempts.

Considering the feedback we received and our experience, we believe that 3 to 5 simultaneous connections should be enough for most people. The 6th connection should be useful in case of fast-reconnects without cleanly close the previous sessions (i.e. too quick for the server(s) to send a time-out notice to the backends).

Listening to suggestions:

The change also comes as a response to suggestions that we received from customers. Quite a few of our customers wanted to be able to connect 4 or even 5 devices at the same time, so we decided to honor this specific request without changing pricing or adding "addons".

We hope that this change is welcomed by our users, either to solve some re-connection issues or just to be able to use more devices at the same time with a single account.