When it comes to using a VPN service for security and privacy purposes, it is essential to make sure that it is working as expected and everything is correctly configured to avoid exposing your real IP address, as well as reducing the ways in which remote sites can fingerprint and track you, as a visitor.

This is the reason why privacy-conscious VPN users rely on sites that can detect and show their IP addresses, or even more details like DNS servers, browser footprints, WebRTC leaks and so on.

We've been using such services, too, for years. But we always found something that we weren't satisfied with in all such sites. One and the most important being lack of accuracy of the tests performed, for example detecting a single DNS resolver while several are used.

Last summer we decided to start working on our own IP geo-location and leak detection site and we are happy to announce that it is now ready to use.

You can give it a try at ipx.ac

IP Geo-location

Quick Q&As

Q: How accurate is it?
A: Very accurate. Compare the results you are getting to some of the other test sites. Even if it's new and we're sure some improvements and bug fixing need to be made, we never planned to create "yet another" IP geo/leak test site but the most accurate and reliable of them all, and we are serious about it.

Q: What does the site name mean?
A: We wanted something relevant, yet easy to remember, quick to type in a browser, including mobile. "IP" is self-explanatory, and the "X" stands for marking the spot, or the "unknown". Not really sure about it, but you get the idea :)

where is X?

Q: Can I use the site even if I connect to other VPN/Tor/proxy etc.?
A: Yes, absolutely. There is no restriction.

Q: How do I know that you won't show "all good" results when I am connected to vpn.ac service?
A: It's in our best interest to provide an accurate, neutral service, that eventually contributes to better privacy for users. Moreover, one can run tests on different sites and make a comparison, so there is really no reason on our side to be biased or display fake results.

Q: Can the site be used just for IP geo-location info?
A: Sure. You can query IPs in the query form in the upper-right. Just enter some IP address to get the geo-IP info about it.

Q: Can you detect in your tests if I am connected to a VPN?
A: Yes. There's the IP type which can be residential or not. If it's not residential but a datacenter, it's pretty obvious that it is a VPN connection. Also, in the next weeks we will add a secondary IP-insight database that contains all known VPN/Tor/Proxy IPs. Combined with the MTU, OS and some other tests, the result is very accurate.

Q: How do I find more details about each test result section?
A: There's a "?" (question mark) sign in the header of each section. Click it and more info will be displayed in a pop-up.

Q: If I find a problem or a bug, how can I help?
A: Please get in touch with us and give us the details.

Q: In some sections there's nothing displayed but just a spinning icon.
A: It's normal, some tests aren't compatible with some browsers. In the future we will make it clearer that specific tests aren't available.

For suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.